September 2, 2020

Version 1.7.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

- Fixed players without Maestro heating up from assists

- Fixed freeze when a player has 7 skills

- Fixed players with negative skill points

- Fixed incoming trade offers for previously traded players in Spectate mode

- Fixed team import error

August 28, 2020

Version 1.7.0 Patch Notes

New Features

- Added new skills system
- Added over 15 new skills
- Added custom difficulty sliders

Season Mode Improvements

- Added ability to place players on the trade block and receive offers for any team in Spectate mode
- Added news when players acquire a new skill

Bug Fixes

- Fixed CPU auto upgrading players when player movement is off
- Fixed wrong message when opening a message in the inbox
- Fixed closing lineup game plan setting when leading by at least 10
- CPU no longer wastes a timeout at the end of a quarter

June 28, 2020

Version 1.6.61 Patch Notes

New Features

- Updated default league rosters

- Added two new teams to default league

- Added new offensive game plan settings

- Added separate defensive settings for steal and block pressure


Gameplay Changes

- Added snowflake icon to indicate cold shooting players

- CPU substitutions based off bench order

- Pass rating effects teammate shot accuracy directly after a pass

- Team chemistry increases team's passing ability

- Defenders cannot react after a pass by players with Dimer skill

- Clamps skill effects uncontested shots

- Changed Spot Up skill to Quick Release

- Improved AI shot selection

- Increased lob distances by one tile

- Increased uncontested shot defense

- Increased stamina consumed for blocks

- Increased shot attempts for warm and hot players

- Reduced shot attempts for cold and fatigued players

- Reduced shot rating for cold players

- Reduced block percentage

- Removed chance of the same play repeating twice in a row


Bug Fixes

- Fixed regression from injury in Spectate Mode if player movement is off

- Fixed shapeshifting players after an offensive rebound

- Fixed incorrect player name after substitution

- Fixed incorrect player in trade offers

- Fixed starting lineups when auto lineup is set to off in Spectate Mode

- Fixed incorrect team name when changing teams in Spectate Mode

- Fixed attribute caps for archetypes set to None

- Fixed audio bug when entering hex code for hair color in Season Mode

- Fixed player uniforms not updating after entering a hex code in Customize

June 11, 2020

Version 1.6.5 Patch Notes

- Added single game and all time records to the stats screen

- Added new single game records to league news

- Added new button to reshuffle all players in the league

- New career highs are now displayed for Player of the Game

- Tweaked MVP and DPOY award calculations

- CPU no longer substitutes players that are on fire

- Fixed shot clock resetting after CPU is blocked

- Fixed teams switching baskets after the 3rd quarter

- Fixed highlighted player and tiles disappearing after tapping the Step button

- Fixed negative contract values

- Fixed inability to max out player ratings when archetype is set to None

- Fixed incorrect court logo when tapping on season save slots

June 7, 2020

Version 1.6.4 Patch Notes

- Added player regression from age and major injuries

- Added league news

- Increased home team stamina gained from timeouts

- Improved CPU end game logic

- Fixed team chemistry and fans not updating after spectated games

May 30, 2020

Version 1.6.3 Patch Notes

- Removed center circle lines if custom logo is used
- Improved CPU starting lineups
- Increased home court stamina boost depending on fan percentage
- Increased stamina recovery when sitting out players
- Added confirmation for simulating all games
- Improved CPU substitution patterns
- Fixed player skills not appearing in game
- Fixed players not updating during halftime lineup adjustments

May 26, 2020

Version 1.6.2 Patch Notes

New Features

- Added new advanced dribble button to perform step backs and drives

- Added option for up to 64 team playoffs in advanced season settings

- Added ability to import custom team logos

- Added ability to input hex values for hair color

- Added three new hair styles


Season Mode Improvements

- Added ability to edit player contracts in Customize

- Added ability to induct players into the Hall of Fame in Customize

- Added ability to manually progress players in Spectate mode when CPU Player Movement is off

- Added ability to turn off CPU starting lineup adjustments in Spectate mode

- Home team players receive a stamina boost before the game

- Improved CPU logic for starting lineups

- Adjusted stamina lost depending on total stamina consumed

- Player stamina resets to 100% at the start of the playoffs


Gameplay Changes

- Converted Dunk rating to Inside Scoring

- Added advanced dribble cooldown icon

- CPU can now perform advanced dribble moves

- Improved CPU offensive behavior

- Improved CPU contested shot defense

- Improved formula for Player of the Game


Bug Fixes

- Fixed CPU teams with injured player in the starting lineup

- Fixed CPU resetting plays after an offensive rebound in crunch time

- Fixed inconsistent dunking distances

- Fixed offensive three seconds not being called

- Fixed starting lineup accessory colors

- Fixed uniform colors for generated leagues

- Fixed custom players and teams appearing in Draft Class loading screen

- Fixed player editing in Season mode

May 12, 2020

Version 1.6.1 Patch Notes

New Features
- Added ability to choose uniform and court color elements with hex values
- Added separate home and road uniforms
- Added ability to customize three point line and key line colors
- Added ability to import/export players
- Added ability to import/export teams
- Added ability to export season data into Customize mode at the end of a season
- Added ability to edit starting lineups in Spectate mode

Season Mode Improvements
- Randomized team schedules for each season
- Added option to Skip Draft for any season
- Added player matchups to Spectate Game screen
- Saved progress for speculated games

Gameplay Changes
- Increased CPU movement speed
- Improved CPU end game logic

Bug Fixes
- Fixed game not starting on some devices
- Fixed keyboard not reappearing
- Fixed CPU signing players over the cap
- Fixed CPU starting lineup before the season
- Fixed CPU movement points
- Fixed player shadows disappearing
- Fixed championship not counting
- Fixed team chemistry equaling NaN
- Fixed low audio

May 6, 2020

Version 1.6.0 Patch Notes

Season Mode Improvements
- Added Hall of Fame to stats screen
- Added Finals MVP award
- Added championship celebration
- Added ability to skip draft before the first season
- Added ability to play any game in Spectate mode
- Added ability to sim to any game in Spectate mode
- Added ability to add free agents in Spectate mode
- Added ability to substitute in spectated games
- Removed grid in spectated games
- Recalculated player salaries
- Income, fans, and chemistry for each team are individually tracked
- Improved simulation statistics
- Improved custom data import process

Gameplay Changes
- Improved CPU offensive behavior
- Improved CPU defensive ability
- Less stamina is used for higher dunk rating
- Increased center shot accuracy in the key
- Shot accuracy effected by position mismatch
- Stolen dribbles effected by position mismatch
- Assist is counted even after one dribble
- Added Dribble button
- Added Special Move button for dunks and lobs
- Added substitutions for two player mode

Bug Fixes
- Increased salary cap if teams are over the limit before the season
- Enabled CPU injuries even if player movement is off
- Removed team boosts from Spectate mode
- Fixed empty news box
- Fixed teams not re-signing contracts
- Fixed CPU teams signing retired players
- Fixed CPU teams not improving players
- Fixed incorrect amount of income earned
- Fixed incorrect amount of assists during simulations
- Fixed starters sitting out playoff games
- Fixed second year player winning Rookie of the Year
- Fixed Lord of the Rings trophy not unlocking
- Fixed inability to continue season in Spectate mode
- Fixed game freezing when CPU player cannot move
- Fixed movement points not resetting after timeouts
- Fixed Player of the Game stat text
- Fixed custom league getting overwritten when Auto save is enabled

March 24, 2020

Version 1.5.3 Patch Notes


- Added ability to dribble out the clock at the end of any period

- Added stat caps to Trade Offer screen

- Disabled generated rookies if CPU Generated Players is set to OFF

- CPU resets to starting lineup at halftime

- Fixed CPU calling back-to-back timeouts

- Fixed autosave from overwriting an existing league when importing

- Fixed ability to assign players an archetype value that is greater than the total amount of archetypes

- Fixed CPU teams not signing players that have rejected contract offers

- Fixed green notification dot on players that can't upgrade

March 23, 2020

Version 1.5.2 Patch Notes

- Added pregame starting lineups

- Added option to remove unwanted free agents

- Added Import Season button (Premium)

- Fixed web link importing for draft classes

- Fixed season team changing if City is edited

- Fixed green notification dot on players that can't upgrade

- Fixed player status visibility on profile screen

- Fixed durability text color

March 22, 2020

Version 1.5.1 Patch Notes


- Fixed player sprites not updating after CPU substitution

- Fixed CPU bench stats not recording

- Fixed generated players with negative stats

- Fixed player position number in lineup

- Updated Default League player skills

March 20, 2020

Version 1.5.0 Patch Notes

New Features
- Added Player Archetypes
- Added new Default League
- Added Spectate Mode as an advanced season settings
- Added CPU Free Agent Generation as an advanced season setting
- Added Force Trades and Contract Signings as an advanced season setting
- Added ability to change teams from Edit Team in Spectate Mode
- Added ability to import leagues through a web link
- Added ability to save and export custom draft classes
- Added ability to load custom draft classes before every season
- Added ability to add bench players
- Added ability to edit player skills
- Added two new facial hairs
- Added autosave toggle for league customization

Season Mode Improvements
- Rookie attributes, durability, and potential are now hidden until scouted
- Added Rookie of the Year award
- Added Injury Report to Game Preview
- Added bench players to game simulations
- Added current day Box Scores
- Added stat caps to attributes depending on archetype and potential
- Added upgrade points remaining
- Added ability to view any player's career stats
- Improved CPU draft evaluation
- Improved CPU lineup evaluation
- Improved MVP award calculation
- Improved DPOY award calculation
- Improved award qualifications

Gameplay Changes
- Added Player of the Game
- Added CPU timeout and substitutions
- Both teams receive one timeout in overtime
- Removed green target from the shot bar if the player is outside of their shooting range
- Starters are displayed in Box Score

Bug Fixes
- Fixed season awards getting re-awarded when resuming games in the post season
- Fixed shot accuracy displaying over 100%
- Fixed incorrect box score stats
- Fixed incorrect player editing after selection

March 3, 2020

1.4.2 Patch Notes

- Added ability to revert to a backed up season save file
- Added injury length to player profile
- Improved CPU trade evaluation
- Improved CPU rookie progression
- Fixed incorrect scores on past games
- Fixed CPU not signing expired contracts

March 2, 2020

1.4.1 Patch Notes

- Added player trade value to trading screen
- Added CPU trade rejection reasoning
- Improved trade offers from CPU teams
- Fixed CPU trading logic
- Fixed CPU contract matching logic
- Fixed CPU not re-signing expired contracts
- Removed extra button when viewing retired CPU players

February 29, 2020

1.4.0 Patch Notes

New Features
- Added an Off-Season period to Season Mode
- Added ability to change teams or adjust settings after the season
- Added ability to view CPU team rosters
- Added ability to sign or trade any player from CPU teams
- Added ability to edit Free Agents
- Added ability to edit starting Draft Class
- Added ability to call timeouts and substitute players during watch mode
- Added 2 new offensive plays
- Added 8 new hair colors

Season Mode Improvements
- CPU teams can now sign and release players
- CPU players can improve skills and attributes, sustain injuries, age, and retire
- CPU can adjust starting lineups
- Added setting to disable CPU roster changes
- Added setting to disable career stat generation
- Added league news
- Updated news icons
- Improved player profile screen
- Improved player scouting screen
- Improved player roles
- Players recover 25% from injuries in the off-season instead of 100%
- Increased simulation statistics
- Improved first time user experience

Bug Fixes
- Fixed tied records altering playoff matchups
- Fixed free agents not recovering from injuries
- Fixed team chemistry not increasing in longer seasons
- Fixed shot bar speed at higher difficulties
- Fixed stamina bar for subbed players
- Fixed shot accuracy displaying over 100%
- Fixed ability to release player with limited healthy players
- Fixed UI text in various screens
- Fixed freeze during simulate to end
- Removed UI during simulate to end
- Removed unused FT stat
- Removed background tint while editing the court
- Removed forced capitalization for team names

February 14, 2020

1.3.0 Patch Notes

New Features
- Added ability to quit in the middle of a season game and resume at a later time
- Added new settings for total game length and number of periods
- Added new Salary Cap options before starting a new season
- Added ability to randomize team rosters
- Added white as a secondary uniform color
- Added over 30 new hairs and accessories (Credit: Edwin Diaz @x3dvvinx)

Gameplay Changes
- Time only advances with actions performed by the ball handler
- Off-ball players gain movement points for every second off the shot clock
- Added ability to dribble into a defender, teammate, or sideline to run down the clock
- Added button to dribble out the clock when leading at the end of a game
- Adjusted amount of stamina used for shooting, dunks, steals, and blocks
- Increased amount of stamina gained between periods
- Shot Bar speed increased depending on difficulty level
- Larger Shot Bar release button
- Improved CPU defensive logic
- Improved highlighted tiles visibility
- Added player profiles to substitution screen
- Added whistle sound effect for three second violation

Season Mode Improvements
- In-game stamina is no longer capped by player's overall fatigue level
- Player recovery is now determined by total stamina used in game
- Players recover for each game while waiting for the next round during the playoffs
- Improved game simulation statistics
- Added ability to switch player skills
- Added team's history for each season
- Added player stats to season awards
- Added info buttons for player ratings
- Added notification for upgradeable players

Bug Fixes
- Defensive Pressure is now correctly utilized for game simulations
- Fixed AI getting stuck in place
- Fixed player getting stuck on the hoop
- Fixed defensive player positioning when selecting offensive plays
- Fixed first play of the game always being the same
- Fixed period text not showing on some devices
- Fixed incorrect costs for Team Boosts
- Fixed ability to use Team Boosts when fans are at 0%
- XP earned from boosts is now scaled according to season length
- Fixed inability to sign free agent when near max cap space
- Fixed players age when equal to 17 or under

January 31, 2020

1.2.1 Patch Notes

- Starting lineups are now saved from game to game

- Updated court colors for the default league

- Added new free agents to the default league

- Fixed halftime lineup adjustments

- Fixed substituted players keeping fire status of the previous player

- Fixed ability to call timeout with one second remaining

- Fixed team stats not counting players on the bench

- Fixed shot bar missing when landing in green

- Fixed players age equaling zero when adding new teams

- Fixed incorrect headband color in player edit

- Fixed fan percentage not changing after games

- Fixed stamina loss after games

January 23, 2020

1.2.0 Patch Notes

New Features
- Added an option to continue Season Mode by enabling ads for non premium players

Gameplay Additions
- Added ability to throw alley-oops (must have Pass rating above 3)
- Added timeouts to regain stamina
- Added player substitutions
- Added halftime lineup adjustments
- Added offensive play selection out of timeouts
- Added offensive 3 seconds in the key violation
- Improved Shot Bar

Balance Changes
- Dunk rating above 3 is now required to dunk
- Dunk cool down now applies to CPU
- Shot Bar disabled for dunks
- More accurate stamina loss after games
- Base 3PT% lowered by 5% on Veteran mode
- Lowered skill point costs by 25%
- Team rating is now calculated from starting lineup rather than whole team

Quality of Life Improvements
- Ratings are displayed first when a player is selected
- Dunk cool down is now displayed when a player is selected
- Added ability to see total fans on Team Stats screen

Bug Fixes
- Fixed inability to continue a season after loading a saved league
- Fixed inability to scout for free agents because of retired players
- Removed ability to dunk after the clock expires

January 10, 2020

Happy New Year! The first update for Hoop League Tactics adds many improvements to Season Mode. Please stay tuned for the next update which will focus on further gameplay enhancements. Keep the feedback coming and thanks for playing!

1.1.0 Patch Notes

New Features
- Improved tutorial mode
- Added an option to import and export custom leagues
- Added new trophies and team boosts

Gameplay Changes
- Added player interaction during jump balls
- Shot Clock extended to 18 seconds
- AI won't force the ball to the hot player
- Decreased overall 3PT shooting percentage
- Decreased offensive rebound frequency
- Defensive settings can now be adjusted during spectate mode
- Players no longer lose XP for turnovers
- Rookies gain XP even if sitting on the bench
- Increased user’s shot percentage for lower difficulties
- Increased chance of injuries
- Improved AI behavior

Quality of Life Improvements
- New font used throughout the game
- Team roster can be viewed during the draft
- Player stats can be viewed while setting lineups
- Opposing team's player stats can be viewed during game plan
- Player stats can be viewed during contract negotiations
- Player skills can be viewed in game
- Retired players are automatically hidden from free agents list

Bug Fixes
- Fixed appearance not showing changes during player customization
- Fixed trophy not unlocking after winning the championship
- Fixed the amount of stamina gained for team boosts
- Fixed team upgrade costs for longer length seasons
- Fixed defensive pressure settings not saving
- Fixed stamina not effecting offensive rebounders

May 4, 2019

2.7.0 Patch Notes

+ Increased Pro mode difficulty
+ Improved online gameplay
+ Improvements to Tournament mode
  - 1 rank point per win
  - Rank points are retained after losses
  - Top 25 participants are rewarded
+ Bug fixes

March 31, 2019

2.6.6 Patch Notes

- You can now share animated gifs after a Career or Online fight
- Refer new players to the game and earn coins
- Improved virtual button controls
- Adjusted in-app purchase prices for Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, and some other countries
- Knocked out a ton of bugs

March 17, 2019

2.6.52 Patch Notes

- Challenge your friends to any fight from your friends list while searching for an opponent

- Added one second pause before resuming the fight after getting up from a knockdown online

- High/low guard doesn't break after dodging when using swipe controls

- Bug fixes

March 6, 2019

2.6.5 Patch Notes

- Added a new weekly online Tournament mode!
- Earn up to 10000 coins by defeating your opponents and becoming the champion!
- Tournaments take place in a new octagon arena
- Added ability to increase health by tapping the screen after knockdowns
- Earn more XP for longer fights
- Fixed round time going into negatives
- Fixed weight class not updating when resetting fighting style
- Fixed incorrect rank displaying on Tale of the Tape
- Fixed phantom losses on Pro career mode
- Fixed CPU behavior

February 8, 2019

2.6.4 Patch Notes

- New Pro career difficulty
- New career goal: Defend your title as much as possible before suffering three losses
- Added ability to 'refresh' career opponents
- Added new heart trunks
- Added new pink attire color
- Added 4 new leaderboards
- Added additional 'No HUD' challenges
- Current Win Streak rankings now only displays streaks posted on the current day
- 'Flash' knockdowns can now only occur on a stunned opponent
- Fixed slowdown issue
- Fixed opponent recovering after a 10 count
- Fixed incorrect judge scores

January 24, 2019

2.6.3 Patch Notes

- Added a size toggle for virtual buttons

- Added a new arcade practice mode

- Added a new arcade impossible difficulty

- Higher ranked fights in Career mode now contains more rounds

- Rebalanced amount of momentum gained for dodging and blocking

- Added a new No HUD challenge fight

- Modified online Street Fight challenge rules

- Rewarded ads now display how many coins you will receive

- Online rankings will now wipe monthly

- Fixed Google Play login issue for certain devices

- Removed Everyplay recording as it is no longer supported by the original developer

December 14, 2018


2.6.2 Patch Notes

- New online Challenge mode: Fight your opponent in a whole new set of rules, changing weekly!

- New Challenge mode rankings

- New holiday themed headgear, trunks, and ring decals

- New Level 2 Skill 'Wolverine': Heal twice as much from cut damages between rounds

- Reworked Level 2 Skill 'Blood Rush': Attack damage to the head increases by 10% after cutting the opponent

- Reworked Level 3 Skill 'Extra Padding': Blocked punches inflict zero damage to health and stamina

- Reworked Level 5 Skill 'Iron Jaw': Reduces head stun damage by 50%

- New Level 6 Skill 'Slugger': Increase power punch damage by 25%

- Removed Hoarder and Sponge

- Added option to toggle blood on/off

- Added button to flip the player on customization screen

- Chin rating now effects stun time length caused by counter punches

- Fighters now recover a bit of health after knocking down an opponent

- Health depletion rate after bleeding is now constant regardless of cut rating

- Fighters recover 25% of cut damage between rounds

- Added eye holes to hockey mask

- Renamed online ranks

- Current round added to friend online status

- Added 'Ho Ho Ho' online chat option

- Bug fixes

October 26, 2018

2.6.0 Patch Notes

- Unlock 8 new masks and headgear, 13 new rings decals, 1 new boxing trunks, and 1 new ring color

- Customize your career opponents with any of the new items

- Constant dodging without rest will now result in a 'tired' state that prevents you from attacking or dodging

- Added a tips box from your corner in-between rounds

- Continue fighting your opponent online even if they disconnect from the fight

- Fixed virtual button opacity bug

September 28, 2018

2.5.6 Patch Notes

- Added push notifications (Android)

- Added recent online fights list

- Increased top rankings from 10 to 25

- Added indicator for inbox messages and friends online

- All friends are now displayed in the friends list

- Friend's online status is now displayed in the profile box

- Copper ranked players will only match up against each other for all weights

- Added tip box to online matchmaking screen

- Higher chance of knockdown with lower Chin rating

- Added button to report bugs in the Credits screen

- Updated gamepad support

September 7, 2018

Introducing new online social features! Add players to your friends list, view their online profiles, and send them private messages! To support these new features, skippable ads will now be shown after every three fights to non-premium users. Thank you for understanding! Full list of changes are below:

2.5.3 Patch Notes

- New online social features
- New UI notification system
- Added Italian language
- Added 'Current Wins Streak' leaderboard
- Leaderboard UI enhancements
- Bug fixes

August 16, 2018

2.5.2 Patch Notes

- Added French language

- Added new ranking categories to compete in

- Added player rank before fights

- Last fight recording can now be viewed on Fight Results screen

- Improved Arcade screen

- Added Libya, Macedonia, and Soviet Union flags

- Additional rank points are awarded for defeating higher ranked players

- New point ranges for Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold

- Increased rank caps for higher weight classes

- Tiebreaker for rankings is now most recent score

- Increased stamina cost for dodging

- Restricted Bitweight Copper players from matching up with higher ranks

- Reduced CPU blocking percentage

- CPU is now effected by Speed rating

- Fixed recording from enabling itself

- Fixed cloud loading issues

August 1, 2018

2.5.1 Patch Notes

- Added new online rankings for each weight class
- Ranked fights are now free if the fee cannot be paid, but with reduced reward
- All passcoded fights are now unranked
- Added the ability to chat after knocking down an opponent and after fights
- Constant dodging now prevents stamina from recovering
- Increased base Endurance
- User account name is now displayed online instead of profile name
- Fixed incorrect round scores when more than three rounds
- Tutorial boxer is easier to knock down
- Fixed black screen on some devices (don't enable recording if this occurs)

July 13, 2018

2.5.0 Patch Notes

• Cross-platform multiplayer is now possible between Android and iOS devices!

• Share your fight replays directly to any social media app (enable recording in settings)

• Wrist tape and shoe laces colors are now customizable

• Added ability to customize fighter while waiting for an online opponent

• Added slider to adjust the opacity of virtual buttons

• Improved virtual d-pad controls

• Added Ghana and Senegal flags

• Swiping down on Android notifications no longer disconnects from online fight

July 4, 2018

2.4.0 Patch Notes

- New USA boxing trunks available to unlock

- Added a new beard and 4 new hair styles

- Cloud Save now backs up Career ranking, stats, and edits

- Fixed ability to instantly block after an attack

- Fixed blocking position getting stuck on virtual button controls

June 21, 2018

2.3.0 Patch Notes

- Added support for Google Cloud and Apple iCloud
- Belts are now worn by champions in Career mode
- Wear belts online by winning consecutive fights. Unlock bronze, silver, and gold belts depending on the amount of wins
- The challenger of a win streak will now fight in the title holder's ring
- Blood and sweat will stain the mat throughout the fight
- Title holders are now indicated on Tale of the Tape
- Improved online multiplayer connection
- Adjusted amount of coins rewarded for completing quests
- Added Arabic language
- Added Trinidad & Tobago flag
- Fixed Lithuania typo
- Fixed Career stats not loading
- Fixed Career opponent's record not saving
- Fixed titles disappearing in Career mode in certain situations
- Fixed 'Tap to Get Up' appearing after the clock expires

June 2, 2018

2.2.0 Patch Notes

- Added a new Quest System. Complete daily quests to earn even more coins!

- Added the ability to customize the appearance of every opponent in Career mode

- Added 8 new achievements and 5 new leaderboards

- Added flags for Palestine, England, and Northern Ireland

- 25 coins are now rewarded for winning online casual matches

- Ability to tap with more than one finger to get back up

- Replay recording is now OFF by default

- Improved tutorial

- UI enhancements

March 22, 2018

2.0.2 Patch Notes

- Forfeits will now result in a win or loss in online Ranked fights

- Online casual matches now ignores weight class to reduce waiting time

- Copper ranks can now create passcode rooms

- Added info buttons to online screen to view rank points

- Added news button to online screen

- Added new online chat options

- Added Rank stats to connecting screen

- Doubled the amount of coins earned in Endless mode

- Added Bangladesh flag

- Fixed typo for Sweden flag

- Fixed Endless high score display

- Fixed Career progression bug

March 15, 2018

Prizefighters 2.0 is here! Check out all the new features:

2.0.0 Patch Notes

- Online multiplayer mode with in-depth ranking system
- Endless arcade mode where the goal is to score as many knockdowns as possible
- MFi/Bluethooth gamepad support (tested with SteelSeries Nimbus and 8Bitdo NES Pro)
- Two new music tracks during fights
- New $2.99 premium IAP which allows you to adjust your stats, change skills, and reset your online rank without spending coins
- Possibility of a double knockdown online where both players attempt to stand back up
- More customization options including tank tops and additional colors for attire, hair and ring
- New flags for Barbados, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Uruguay
- Two additional leaderboards for Highest Endless Score and Most Online Wins
- More responsive touch controls
- Balance changes to multiple skills
- UI enhancements and bug fixes

January 30, 2018

Prizefighter is now on Discord! Join my server within the app and discuss the game with the community. I'm working hard on adding online PVP so stay tuned!

1.2.3 Patch Notes

- Added victory celebrations for knocking out your opponent

- Added new hair style

- Increased damage for counter-punching the opponent

- Opponents are less likely to stand up after multiple knockdowns

- Fixed Blood Rush skill

- Added Guatemala flag

- Added Prizefighters Discord button

- UI enhancements

- Updated Privacy Policy

January 16, 2018

A new update is here! Patch 1.2.0 introduces new features and sets the foundation for the next update which will include full gamepad and online multiplayer. Please keep the feedback coming and thanks for playing!

1.2.0 Patch Notes

- Added ring customization: Change the color of the canvas, ropes, poles, and padding
- Added ability to change the stripe color of your boxer's shorts
- Added ability to customize opponent boxer's name and country in career mode
- Added option to adjust the field of view in the pause menu
- Added option for blocking control: Toggle between swiping and two-finger touching
- Added option for virtual button controls
- Added new flags for Albania, Brunei, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Lebanon, Paraguay
- Gameplay changes: You can now dodge even if fatigued
- Agility Skill change: Doubles the amount of momentum gained for successful dodges
- Resilient Skill change: Doubles the rate of stamina recovered if remaining health is less than 25%
- Graphical enhancements and bug fixes

December 28, 2017


A lot of players have been asking how to get up from knockdowns. Getting back up is dependent on the amount of maximum health (or Endurance) you have remaining. This is indicated by the grey bar behind your blue health bar. The less endurance you have when you are knocked down, the faster you have to tap the screen to stand back up. The latest update explains this during the tutorial phase to help new players understand the mechanics of the game.

1.1.1 Patch Notes

- Added in an explanation for Endurance during the tutorial.
- Added SFX for opponent dodges.
- New flag: Cyprus. Please request flags to be added in the next update.
- Fixed player sometimes not going to the corner after knocking down an opponent.

December 22, 2017

The first patch for Prizefighters has been released! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and feedback on the game. I'll continue to update Prizefighters based on your input to make it the best that it can be. Please contact me at if you experience any bugs or issues. Thanks for playing!

1.0.1 Patch Notes

- Next challenger is randomly selected from the top 10 ranking when defending the title
- Career opponents will improve after suffering a loss. No more bullying!
- More stamina is drained when punched in the body
- Fixed judge's scoring for knockdowns: 2 point deduction for 1 knockdown, 3 point deduction for two knockdowns

- Added a 1% chance of knockdown for all power punches in addition to chance of knockdown from Chin rating

- The computer is less likely to stay down after just one knockdown

- Only 75% of health relative to your endurance bar is recovered after knockdowns. Health still fully recovers between rounds.
- New Coin Doubler IAP: Double the amount of coins earned after fights
- Added 8 New Flags: Bosnia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland
- Added new sounds for leveling up and getting stunned
- Added more newspaper headlines for specific situations
- Added 7 new achievements
- Scaled in health bars when playing in landscape mode

- Fixed rank 10 opponent Strength and Endurance setting to zero

- Fixed Arcade mode opponents stats setting to zero

- Fixed camera shift speed when dodging

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